Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Predicting the Future

One hundred and thirty one years ago, a far-seeing reporter for the "Farmer's Cabinet" saw the future. Either that, or he was simply a good guesser.

He predicted freight trains drawn by noiseless power, undersea tunnels, increased air travel using a yet to be discovered technology, and parcels that "dart like lightning" (email).

Trying to foretell the future is not hooey. Science fiction writer, Octavia Butler, said "the very act of trying to look ahead to discern possibilities and offer warnings is in itself an act of hope." I agree with her.

So, today I offer these predictions for one hundred years from now...

- computers (as we know them) will be out. It will be found that computers increased communication, but decreased socialization. In order to at least mimic socialization, a new form of communication (based on not yet created hologram technology) will be in vogue, and will replace computers, telephones, and be used also for distance learning and corporate meetings.

- medical technology. Implantable, and wearable sensors will be the norm, providing information to health care professionals instantly -- from blood to brain function. Nanocytes will be used instead of chemotherapy or surgery to battle disease, and help to heal injuries.

- politics. Either Canada or Mexico, or both will join with the current United States to form a new combined country.

So, what do you think will be in vogue 100 years from now? Will the World Wide Web even be around for anyone to see my prediction and comment? What will replace it?

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